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Published: 04th March 2011
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The online site Lumosity has many games that improve memory and tend to be fun to try out. Lumosity brain games however, seemed more geared for adults in my view. Don't misunderstand me, Lumosity suggested a brain exercise program for me personally which involves 40 sessions of 5 games each.

Lumosity is the first general brain exercise program from Lumos Labs. I decided to give the Internet brain game site Lumosity a trial run. Actually, in clinical trials, the lumosity free brain training has been confirmed to improve memory and attention. Lumosity is a scientifically designed brain training program. Brain Training sites are alluring to gifted minds, and the games on Lumosity are fascinating. The Lumosity brain games focus on training your mind inside an interactive environment. There are all types of fun methods of exercise your brain, just one of that is lumosity free brain training.

The lumosity free brain training trial will last for fourteen days, which is free. Lumosity 's game types vary while keeping focused on certain portions of brain-training. I discovered Lumosity and was completely intrigued with the online brain game product. Lumosity is a different brain-train game, so the graphics are fairly minimalist anyway. Lumosity offers free trial version periods, just like a gym.

The lumosity trial has 29 sessions after which you can purchase monthly credits. I will try changing my sessions from 30min to 25 min. The lumosity problems wasn't to bad either. When you order a commercial brain game, you're buying from a company dedicated to that games success. Therefore, you'll have support lines with which you may call or email at any time you require assistance of any type. This really is something you just don't get with a free brain game.

All The Categories of Games That Improve Memory

With the selected games there's also a picture of a typical brain, separated into 4 categories: Attention, Memory, Cognitive Control and Processing Speed. These are the areas you're training in. The portion of the brain that is the current focus with the exercises is going to be highlighted in red. You will notice the upcoming exercises together with what you center on, plus at the bottom is actually a timeline showing where you are in your brain-train schedule and just how many exercises you will have left to complete the total program.
Lumosity is reasonably simple to control in concept, however sometimes things will usually get tricky. For example, it is all about making use of your computer mouse, the right and left arrow keys, and the number pad. For the Speed work outs, you're going to be choosing involving the left or right arrow keys for you to choose Yes or simply No in reply to your choices. For the particular Raindrops equations, you will undoubtedly use your number pad, because this will be the speediest method of getting your responses recorded. There's additionally a number pad found on screen which you can mouse click to enter your responses, but it's slow. Once again, as I brought up earlier on, the setting with Lost in Migration caused it to be tough to look at birds in the bottoom in the monitor and would probably cost me precious time. Lumosity arrives up with a composite brain efficiency index, or BPI, meant to evaluate your progress in attention, memory, speed, flexibility and problem solving. You can compare your BPI with other customers who are within five years of your age.

You Get What You Pay For With Games That improve Memory

The greatest advantage of buying a membership is it permits you to target more than one aspect of mind enhancement. For instance, regions such as memory, attention, cognitive control, and processing speed can be targeted and trained separately. The ideal games present certain brain training in more than just one aspect of brain enhancement. Check the specific game you're looking into for what areas of brain enhancement it targets. All of these functions come with the membership.
After using the free trial for 2 weeks I can say I have noticed a bit of improvement in my memory. The brain is like any other muscle, it needs exercising. With that said I would recommend giving Lumosity a try for a few months. Your results may shock you.

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